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Sural Group continuous casting rolling line for aluminium product
2013/04/23 13:04:45 Source:《Strategic Research Institute》
The Sural Group, one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of pure aluminium and aluminium alloy rod, has chosen again Danieli for the supply of a new State of the Art Aluminium and Alloys Rod Melting, Continuous Casting and Rolling Mill line.

Sural Group, established in 1978 is the largest aluminum rod, wire and cable company in South America and one of the largest producers of aluminum overhead electrical transmission cable in the world.

It is specialized in pure aluminium and alloy rod, aluminium cable, wire for electrical, mechanical and welding applications and other niche products such as the high density cast aluminium car wheels and other automotive car products.

The combination of the most advanced technologies, from liquid metal through conticasting and rolling in a single compact plant will be applied.

The new aluminium and aluminium alloy rods produced in the new facility will be utilized in several applications in the utility industry for various conductors and also for fasteners, welding, connectors, forging and metalizing.

The plant will have a nameplate capacity of 45,000 tonne to 60,000 tonne per year according to product mix and rod diameters. Several diameters up to 32 millimeter will be available in compact coils up to 3,5 tonne.

The new innovative Rod mill will be installed in a new facility of Sural in Quebec and will be using the most advanced technologies already applied by Danieli in the steel and copper sectors.

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